A Comprehensive Guide To Your Office Printing Solutions

An office without stationeries is something unimaginable.  In today’s world, it also means having all the basic components of a computer system. And when you are thinking of the computer system and stationeries together, the one thing that comes to mind are the printers.

From preparing applications or letters to proposals to notices, printers are probably among the most used components in the office. So, if you are planning on setting up your own office or revamping the old one, you will most probably look forward to getting the latest printing device.

With the decreasing printing cost as new technologies are being introduced, changing the old printer is also a great idea. It will help curtail the operational cost to a large extent. However, with the wide variety of printers available in the market, it is natural to be confused about which one to get for your office.

The most basic one will be a black and white laser printer. It must be said in the beginning that the laser printing technology is the best one available at the moment. Not only is it fast and produces very clear and distinctive result, but the printing cost is also very low as compared to all other technology.

Black and white printer has just one type of cartridge – the black one. It is cheapest among all types of laser printers and is perfect for all basic office solutions. Since almost all office uses printed letterheads, hence, having a black and white laser printer will take care of the need of printing official letters as well. It is also the preferred choice while printing any notice.

When the printing is to be done only in black and white, use of black and white laser printer will save money as well as ink. It will use only the black ink instead of a mix of three different inks as is done by colour laser printer.

Colour laser printers are also common in many offices especially those which needs to print coloured documents or pictures. The colour laser printer has three cartridges which mix the colours in different proportions to print different colours. However, if one of the cartridges is empty printing might not happen at all (depending upon the printer make and model). You will find affordable suppliers of colour printer Vancouver who also provides all types of cartridges. You may also opt for refilling the empty one.

The all in one laser printer is common in major offices. It comes with printing, scanning, and in some cases FAX technology as well. It will be the perfect addition to your office if you have got theneed of all these items for your regular work. Alternately you may even opt for office photocopiers, easily available from any major office photocopiers Vancouver supplier. It is best if you already have printers and you are looking for aphotocopying machine.

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