Different Types of Eyelash Extensions: A Comprehensive Guide on Choosing the Perfect Eyelash Extensions

So, you found out about this really new technique called eyelash extensions and you’ve decided to give it a try. You’ve done your research about the price of the treatment, the side effects, how long it’ll last and everything. But, one thing that you might have missed out is the types of eyelash extensions.

Every person is unique and each person’s eyes are different. What suits one may not suit the other and what makes one look adorable may make another look hideous. There’s also the age factor to consider. A teenage girl may get eyelash extensions for a party while a middle aged woman may get them for a completely different reason.

The type of eyelash extension you go for and the style you select play a major role in the outcome of the whole process. Choosing the right type for you can give you the look you desire while choosing the wrong one can make the whole experience a total disaster.

The experts in the salon will definitely help you while making your decision. However, it is always better to make an informed choice and so, we have all the information that you need for your first eyelash extension trip to the salon.

There are three different types of lash extensions – synthetic, silk and mink.

Synthetic eyelash extensions are made of acrylic material. They are firm and sturdy, offering an extremely dramatic look with their glossy and shiny effect. The younger crowd usually go for synthetic eyelashes because they can be made to look glamorous and dramatic, which is perfect for the party girl. They are also slightly heavier than the other two types, which is why the person going for this type has to have naturally dense eyelashes. Also, since they are firm, the curl stays put throughout.

Silk lash extensions are soft and last longer. They are fine, flexible and can be made to look natural or dramatic, according to the wishes of the user. Their weight is medium and silk lashes are the perfect option for people with naturally thin lashes. Brides are opting for this, because they give the natural as well as the dramatic look. You can purchase the latest and trendy eyelash extensions from Sugarlash at resolable and discounted prices.

Mink eyelashes do not use real animal fur, but use man-made fibres that look and feel like real mink fur lashes. They are extremely soft, shiny and light-weight and feel like your own natural eyelashes. The added advantage is that mink eyelashes do not lose their curl even if you wet them. Sometimes they might become straight after coming in contact with water, but even then curling them with a curler brings them back to shape. With proper care, they also last longer.

There are also newer types in the market which are designed specifically to add more volume to your eyelashes. However, the aforementioned types are the ones popularly used and available everywhere. Selecting the right type of extensions will ensure that you are happy with your look when you walk out of the salon.

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