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Prince2 and Project Management

Viewed 123 times2012-08-28 10:37 AM |Personal category:Business| prince2 training

Great project managers are aware of their communications effectiveness and are relentless about balancing frequency and volume with situation and content. Of all the skills that a project manager needs to succeed, the ability to communicate effectively up and down the organization ladder and across the teams and functional boundaries is the most important.

The same rule applies for your career. One of the great scholars once said I would be as successful as I was able to communicate.Prince2training course provides you the exact platform to enhance your communication skill.Prince2 training tell you all the tactics and skill of how to communicate. Communication is basically an art. Success of any project depends on how you communicate within your team members.Prince2 practitioner training leverage the communication skills to create and reinforce a high performance culture for their teams.

While undergoing prince2training course you learn rules for developing your skills as a world class communicator.

While undergoing Prince2 training the first rule which you come across is that let people know that your primary role is to help them succeed through your words and actions. As we all know that project manager role is organizing and managing a project and building team, everyone on the project team is looking to you for context, guidance, parameters, processes and help. People should perceive that the only thing you are in change of its finding and providing support for others to success.

Prince2 practitioner are expert in applying the lessons of change management in your approaches to communicating.prince2 training suggests that in times of significant change the leader cannot over-communicate. Your communication should be focused on strategy.prince2traing teaches you how to achieve the goal of the project. It tells you all the successful strategy of communication which is required for completing any project.

The next  Rule which you learn while undergoing pronce2 training is how to manage your questions to comment ratio. It will help you how systematically you have to ask the question with your team to maintain the co-ordination. So. That team members feel comfortable and provides you proper feedback.

Another tactic which project mangers learn while undergoing prince2 training is how to manage your volume and frequency along with content. As ,no one likes a project manager that talks too much. Few are interested in your opinions on how to execute their tasks. Focus on asking questions with an intense curiosity about issues, project challenges, coordination and risk.

Prince2 training makes you expert communicator. We all know communication is the sum of all the things one person does when he wants to create understanding in the minds of others. It is abridge of meaning. It involves a systematic and continuous process of telling, listening and understanding.prince2 enhance the most important function of management. The success of project depends upon the effectiveness of communication. it is said to be the nervous system of an project. Nothing happens in project until communication takes place. Communication is the cement that makes organization. It serves as the lubricant, fostering for the smooth operations of management process. Communication is essential for decision making and planning.prince2 training enables the project managers to secure information without which it may not be possible to take any decision. 



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