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SUISSE BANK PLC: Financial Services

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With more than 7.5 million inhabitants (14 million in the Greater London area) London is one of the larger financial, trading and cultural metropolises in the world. Some of the country's most important banks such as HSBC, the Barings Bank and Barclays Bank have their head offices in the capital of Great Britain.

SUISSE BANK PLC is headquartered at 53 Davies Street, London W1K 5JH, in the beautiful and centrally located district of Mayfair, which is not far from Hyde Park. It is a modern office, in which to receive business partners and clients and to hold discussions.

The banking transactions, accounting, auditing, controlling as well as the marketing, organisation and the majority of the operative activities will be performed centrally from London, and also stationed there. It is planned that office property will be purchased at the location of London itself in the near future.

A lot of advantages speak in favour of London as a location for the head office:

•    modern and sophisticated infrastructure in England
•    direct access to the world's financial markets
•    secure and regulated market environment
•    attractive tax system
•    simple company law
•    excellent employment market at this location
•    location of all 4 significant auditing companies

An exceptionally high number of financial market protagonists have located their offices, branches and company head offices in London. This location provides SUISSE BANK PLC with an ideal field for strategic cooperative arrangements with other market participants who have proved themselves as specialists in their business field and offer special services for the shareholders of the SUISSE BANK PLC through their partner offers.
SUISSE BANK PLC does not operate from the United Kingdom and does not offer its products and services to residents or nationals of the United Kingdom.  
SUISSE BANK PLC offers to its shareholders products and services only in the field of trade finance.

The trade finance specialists of SUISSE BANK PLC are always ready to promote your commercial transactions in the field of finance, by means of providing financial instruments that meet your requirements:
•    guarantees (BG)
•    standby letters of credit (SBLC)
•    documentary letters of credit (LC)
•    warranties (avals)

Trade funding implies receipt of assets for business on more favorable terms than overdraft on your bank account at the bank. Trade funding includes transformation of internal and external accounts receivable into assets soon after the receipt. Insured accounts receivable have a set disposal date and, as compared to fixed assets, are easily realized. After selling the accounts receivable you may change your balance type and receive access to additional funding sources that you may use at your discretion.

•    Access to SUISSE BANK PLC´ network
•    Professional services for the processing of commercial transactions
Advantageous commission fees

Contact Address
53 Davies Street
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 20 3159 5052
To know more info https://www.suissebank.com/  visit here.



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