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Launch of Canadian Mobile Marketing Training Course Blog

Viewed 102 times2012-09-24 09:43 AM |Personal category:Marketing| Canadian mobile marketing companies

Canada, September 24, 2012 – Canadian Mobile Marketing is taking off in popularity including SMS marketing, mobile websites and mobile apps. This is no surprise, given the growing popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices. In recent years, big business in Canada have found the power that lies in mobile marketing strategies and have used them to expand their base; however, smaller businesses have experienced a harder challenge in going mobile. Small business owners usually do not have large marketing budgets, and some lack an understanding of mobile marketing strategies and how to put them to use.

A new online resource is available to Canadian small business owners: http://canadianmobilemarketing.com/ is for an audience of small business owners who need help navigating through the world of mobile phone marketing. A good understanding of mobile marketing strategy, and what it can do for small business, is imperative for the success of future mobile marketing campaigns. Mobile marketing strategies such as bulk SMS marketing are cost-effective and easy to set up.

We are providing free of charge an innovative mobile marketing training course, completely free, for small business owners to take advantage of. This free marketing training course includes important information about mobile phone marketing, bulk SMS marketing, mobile website development, mobile apps development and a comprehensive mobile marketing software review as well as other informative marketing related topics.

Small business owners who feel overwhelmed by mobile marketing will find marketing tools and insights to help them develop their own marketing plan for mobile. There is also a mobile marketing blog at the site with tips and insider information.

An expert in the field of mobile marketing, Michael Armstrong founded the marketing blog and created this free video training series. Mr. Armstrong is knowledgeable in his field, and desires to share his knowledge with small business owners who need help starting a mobile marketing strategy. According to Mr. Armstrong, mobile marketing is fast becoming a requirement for any organization. He has a genuine desire to help clear the confusion that surrounds mobile phone marketing and make it more accessible for small business owners as well as help business owners find Canadian mobile marketing companies to fulfill their objectives. He hopes to help small business owners in Canada experience the power of mobile marketing.

Canadian small business owners who would like more information about mobile phone marketing and mobile marketing strategies, as well as the free video training course, are invited to visit the website to sign up.

Company: Canadian Mobile Marketing
Contact: Michael Armstrong
Email: michael@freemobilemarketing.org



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