Importance of Performance Testing in Software Quality Assurance

In today’s era of automated lifestyle, a glimpse over any Industrial or Business Activities depicts clearly that nothing is away from the world of software.

Be it from the tiny itsy-bitsy stuffs to the major gigantic phenomenon. The world has become a spider web of information systems, trying to engulf the enormous bubble of data. And, in order to facilitate this impetus, a mesh of software has been systematized to ensure organized storage.

It’s always the requirement of various business organizations or different vendors to develop specialized software for one or the other dedicated tasks. However, for providing these services, there are specific business outlets established for satisfying the needs of the customers. The whole developmental cycle is called the software development lifecycle, that is, SDLC. After getting hold of all the requirements from the customer, the dedicated personnel work over the project and design the special purpose software.

When the final stage of completion is reached, the entire final output undergoes the last stage of SDLC which is, testing. Final stage of testing is employed in order to emphasise on the need of performance testing, playing a much defined role in software quality assurance. In this last stage, the entire assignment goes through the phase of software quality assurance, wherein, the developed software is tested for any kind of errors or bugs that can prevent the system to work in the desired manner.

It is satisfactorily verified whether the system complies with the customer’s requirement or not. In case of any kind of issues or glitches, it is again reported to the coding division, entitled for the programming of the software. The coding division, consisting of developers, rechecks the entire code to program it to satisfy the market requirements.

This wholesome checking is referred to as performance testing. It is done in order to ensure that the software can deliver the desired performance when it is deployed to the practical working site. Moreover, performance testing also ensures that, in case of any urgency, when the system software has to undergo a decision making procedure, it responds as per the most suitable emergency reflexes needed.

In this performance testing phase, the software is made to experience all these kind of real time situations in order to monitor the behaviour of software in times of exigency. For no one can ever predict the kind of environment that is to be faced by the software, while being in its working period. But, after undergoing this performance testing phase, the scope of any discrepancies is minimised to a greater extent.

Software testing firms like QA Consultants has improved significantly since the early days of field of software quality assurance. The system is also monitored after proper installation, whether it is user friendly or not. For, the developed software is user defined, which means that the inputs given by the customer are necessarily incorporated to make it efficient and effective, setting up a benchmark of customer satisfaction, to be achieved by various other entities.

All these processes involving performance testing makes the developed software really desirable amongst the Industrial minds and thus, the software has the ability to make the vendors assured of the best services possible making the goal of software quality assurance really attainable.

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