Virtualization vs Cloud Computing – All That You Should Know

What should be your choice for your organization? Should you go for virtualization or should you opt for a cloud platform? Believe it or not, the two are not the same. It is true that the terms “virtualization” and “cloud computing” have been thrown around quite a lot now-a-days in contexts which make them look like the same thing, but technically speaking, the two are different from each other. Being a non-IT person you might be even more confused, but if you are at a position where you have got to decide upon the resources to be employed within the organization or outsourcing some of the requirements and ensure high security for all the internal and collected data, you need to be aware about virtualization and cloud computing to some extent.

What is virtualization?

Virtualization is simply creating virtual space out of physical available space. A simple example will be creation of drives within the hard disk. There is no physical partition happening. The only partition that happens is due to the virtual environment. In a similar manner, organizations might have data stored in arrays of servers. Virtualization is basically compartmentalization of the servers for better arrangement and management of data. It also includes providing specific levels of security for each virtual space.

What is cloud computing?

The term cloud computing came long after virtualization. It is basically taking the concept of virtualization to the next level. Cloud computing involves storage of data at remote locations within servers. The only way to access the data stored is using the Internet. The data servers may be stored at one point or scattered across the globe. Cloud provides one point access to anyone who has authorization to access the data stored in the server. This also means that there is a blanket security over all the servers. Bluecat is one of the pioneers in integrating cloud computing to small and big businesses.

The virtualization vs cloud computing war

There has been much discussion and debate about the pros and cons of both technologies and truth be told, they are all logical. Let us take a closer look at these differences and their pros and cons.

Both virtualization and cloud computing have their individual pros and cons and can be used according to the need. The onus of the decision making falls on respective organization depending upon the data stored and its operational structure.

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